1.Adrenal Fatigue

2.Allergy Causing Hip Pain

3.Allergy to Chlorine

4.Allergies and Eczema

5.Allergies and Failure to Thrive

6.Allergy and Hives

7.Allergies and the LZR7 Laser

8.Allergy and LZR7 Treatments

9.Allergy and LZR7 Treatments

10.Allergy and LZR7 Treatments

11.Allergy and the LZR7 Treatments

12.Allergy and the LZR7 Treatments

13.Allergies, Sinus Issues and the LZR7

14.Allergies, Sinus Issues, and Reflux

15.Allergies, Stomach Problems, and the LZR7

16.Back and Hip Pain and Cold Laser Therapy

17.Back Pain and Sinus Infection

18.Benefits of Taking Supplement

19.Cervical Disc Pain and Neck Pain

20.Chronic Allergies and the LZR7 treatments

21.Chronic Cough

22.Digestive Problems

23.Eye Pain and High Blood Pressure

24.Extreme Allergies and the LZR7

25.Fatigue, Brain Fog, and Detox

26.Fatigue and Dizziness

27.Fatigue and Insomnia

28.Fatigue and Shortness of Breath

29.Headaches and Chronic Infections

30.High Blood Sugar and High Cholesterol

31.High Cholesterol

32.Insomnia and Anxiety

33.Insomnia and Sleep Problems Part 1

34.Insomnia and Sleep Problems Part 2

35.Intestinal Digestive Probems

36.Knee Pain

37.Leg Pain and Extreme Weakness

38.Loss of Appetite and Severe Digestive Disorder

39.Low Back Pain, Sciatica, and Cold Laser

40.Low Immunity and Childhood Asthma


42.Neck Pain Post Surgical

43.Post Partum Depression and Anxiety

44.Sciatica Pain

45.Shoulder Pain and Allergies

46.Stomach Pain and Kidney Failure

47.Thyroid with Hashimoto’s disease

48. Cold and Flu Infection